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It was the kind of news no one expects.

A 25-year-old woman, full of potential and on her way up in a promising career in graphic design, suddenly stricken with cancer.

On a random day earlier this year, that young woman was my niece, Julia. She announced to her shocked family and friends that she had been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

True to form, Julia did not take the news lying down, much as her subsequent chemo treatments have laid her low. Now, as always, Julia is standing up and pushing back – in spirit, if not always in body.

In short, she’s a fighter.

Around about the time I heard Julia had cancer, I started noticing the Screw Cancer campaign popping up in my social feeds. The tone of the campaign – defiant and a bit cheeky – seemed to mesh perfectly with the way Julia had greeted her diagnosis.

And so, as a gathering of family and friends to support Julia drew nearer this past July, taking part in the Screw Cancer campaign became a no-brainer. Not only did I sense that Julia would appreciate its tone, but here was a chance to make a practical, self-directed contribution to fighting cancer in whichever way I chose.

When I placed my order, the screwdriver itself was secondary, and in fact, almost an afterthought. But when I had the opportunity to see it and put my hands on it, I was all the more enthused about having supported this campaign.

Here was a quality piece of hardware, smartly packaged and guaranteed for life.

It’s an item I hope will serve Julia – whose prognosis is, mercifully, good – through a long and fruitful life, despite the challenge currently in front of her.

  • Anthony Reinhart, Waterloo, Ont.


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