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SCREW CANCER – Retailers embrace the Brand

Given a choice in the process of designing and manufacturing products, Simon Fallows and Jeff MacIntyre, founding partners of Grappleworks™, choose to take an innovative approach with their product design & marketing strategy. First, rather than rebrand and re-market low-cost merchandise, Grappleworks™ chose to collaborate with internationally-awarded industrial designer, Joseph Hofer. The goal being to create modern updates to everyday classics, which started with a screwdriver intended to maintain the modern home. Affirmation came after receiving the first of many International Design Awards, but adding another product in a World saturated with new products was not enough.

“Associating products with a charitable cause gives the products another dimension, making the purchase more meaningful and purposeful, benefiting the Retailer, Consumer and the Cause.  
Simon Fallows, Grappleworks

When someone we care for has cancer it can be difficult to know what to say, let alone what to give them during this time. The Screw Cancer™ Brand of Products has become a new and engaging way for people affected by cancer to find a unique and useful gift. A new category of cancer Gifts that give back represented by Gift Stores, Hospital Gift Shops, Pharmacies and Flower Stores nationwide.

Although we may not all agree with the term “Screw Cancer” we accept people’s freedom to express their feelings of frustration, relief or loss. Cancer is hard, our goal is to provide a customer experience that makes purchasing the right gift easy after discovering the Screw Cancer brand of gifts in a Retail Store.

About Grappleworks 
Grappleworks was founded in 2016 with the mission to design great products and brands that appeal to the socially conscious consumer. We consider ourselves a cause innovation company, becoming known as an organization that cares about good design, as much as it cares for causes, is central to our innovative approach to the markets and charities we serve. More Information: www.grappleworks.com

About Screw Cancer
New for 2018, a premium collection of Screw Cancer branded products that combine the good feelings of gift-giving and charitable giving together. Everyone has been touched by cancer in one form or another. The Screw Cancer Brand of gifts are available for purchase to wear or share with friends, family, co-workers and caregivers represented by Gift Stores, Hospital Gift Shops, Pharmacies and Flower Stores nationwide.
More Information: www.screwcancertoday.com


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