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Products with Purpose

Here you will find products with a purpose, sold by Retailers across the Nation. The Screw Cancer brand of products are well-designed ensuring they're as cool to give as they are to receive. 

Passion for People

Gifts mean so much more when delivered with a message. Whether you're expressing a feeling of frustration, relief or loss we're proud to offer you premium gifts you will be pleased to share with friends and family.

We all have a cancer story

A terrible disease that affects young and old. You are not alone, please hang onto hope as we all play a role in the health and healing process.

Stories & News

SCREW CANCER – Retailers embrace the term…..But not all of them agree.

 Try asking a family member or friend who has received a Cancer diagnosis... “Is the term Screw Cancer offensive?” an...

It was the kind of news no one expects.

A far to common story we can all relate to.

Women with terminal cancer captured in photos

Not all of them lived to see the images.

Cancer doesn't care it's Christmas.

A not so subtle reply in response to someone objecting to the Screw Cancer message.
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