Capturing a greater share of the Attention Economy is key to keeping
and acquiring new donors, while positioning your Charity to grow in this scrolling society.”
Jeff MacIntyre, co-founder Grappleworks Ltd

Are you a cancer cause foundation, looking for new and innovative
ways to raise funds for your organization?

Introducing a Fundraiser with a Twist!

Are you looking for an innovative fundraising strategy? Are the walks, runs, gala’s and golf tournaments meeting your objectives? Are you tasked to find new fundraising strategies to supplement your efforts? We can show you how to integrate the Screw Cancer campaign into your existing activities or execute as an independent campaign.

ScrewCancer™ is more than just a way to raise funds - it's a new way of engaging people in supporting the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre" says Tracey Bailey, President and CEO. Grappleworks is a wonderful partner who brought forward a compelling idea that helps us reach new donors and in return they receive a compelling gift to share with a friend, family member or care-giver. A simple everyday tool, a screwdriver, designed to appeal to men and women, is now a tool to raise funds and awareness for cancer care in our community – brilliant.”

Grappleworks, Ltd is helping cancer cause charities raise funds, drive awareness, and connect with current and future donors. Imagine, an innovative, edgy, professional, and collaborative campaign aligned to complement your fundraising objectives. We can provide a turn-key solution to drive the most impact with little strain on your organizations precious time and resources. Grappleworks will provide the inventory, product distribution, campaign assets and e-commerce platform for you to begin marketing your own campaign.

We work with our charity partners in 3 ways:

  1. Passive funding model: 20% Contribution.
    • If pre-selected or nominated by our customers and approved as a cancer cause charity your organization will appear in our charity pull-down menu.
    • We do not require the use of your logo or any representation however preference will be given to organizations that choose to acknowledge and support the campaign.
    • Your organization will receive a 20% contribution on the purchase price when a consumer selects your charity at check-out. The consumer also has the option to support “all the charities” if they choose. In this case your organization will receive a pro-rated portion of the 20% contribution averaged over the number of charities involved in the campaign.
  2. Active fundraising partnership: 50% Contribution
    • If you’ve got an audience and an entrepreneurial spirit we’d like to hear from you. We’ve got strategies to assist you with integrating the Screw Cancer campaign into your organization.
    • As an active fundraising partner we can provide turn-key campaigns with little to no risk to your organization. You execute your own campaign in exchange for a large share of the campaign revenue.
  3. Cause marketing campaign: 1% to 10%
    • On a limited case by case basis with the right alignment between the charity, retail partner and Grappleworks we will consider a traditional cause marketing campaign. Typically, the retail partner takes the majority share of the available margin, followed by a charity established minimum leaving the campaign organizer/supplier holding all the risk.

Grappleworks is a cause innovation company that not only wants to design great products – but do so with a greater purpose. As a socially responsible venture we produce innovative products and cause campaigns in support of charitable organizations. We are concerned for the cause and will passionately pursue innovative products and strategies to distribute our products to benefit charities over traditional retail channels. Learn more: