Who is Grappleworks?

Grappleworks is a cause innovation company that not only wants to design great products – but do so with a greater purpose. We are 3 entrepreneurs and a team of passionate, creative people ready to make a difference locally to globally for causes we care about.

Learn more: www.grappleworks.com

What is Screw Cancer?

Screw Cancer isn’t new, but the way we choose to address and deliver the frequently used term certainly is. Grappleworks has registered the Trademark for use in the marketing of screwdrivers for the purpose of fundraising. It’s our desire to deliver an exceptional brand experience with Screw Cancer and the products that support our campaigns.

What is a cause innovation company?

As a socially responsible venture we produce cause campaigns using innovative products to support charitable organizations. We are concerned for the cause and will passionately pursue innovative products and strategies to distribute our products to benefit charities over traditional retail channels.

Why are you doing this?

For the nonprofit charity, the contributions from a Screw Cancer campaign can be significant, and those funds are usually unrestricted so even overhead costs can be covered. Besides actual monetary benefit, a charity enjoys the expanded publicity and advertising that often accompanies a cause-related marketing campaign. Sharing our success and sales margins with non-profit organizations sure beats handing all the margins over to cut throat retailers.

How are Charity Partners selected?

The Grappleworks team engages cancer cause charity organizations that are well organized and structured to make a significant impact. Charities are also chosen based on customer requests and good alignment with the Screw Cancer brand, without conflicting with current partnerships.

How will the contribution be used by the partner?

Grappleworks does not stipulate how each Partner should use the funds contributed to them. These funds are unrestricted and can go towards the area of most need or specified if there is a direct cause stipulated in our agreement together.

Does the purchaser receive a tax receipt?

No tax receipt will be issued for your purchase and no donation tax receipt will be issued from the charity organization to Grappleworks. The Contribution or Donation is based on a revenue sharing model where all parties receive or provide value in exchange for their contribution and effort related to the sale or promotion of the product.

Why does Grappleworks give 20% - 50% of the sale price?

The 20% contribution is shared with charities that for the most part are passive participants in a campaign with Grappleworks assuming the marketing costs associated with running the campaign. The 50% contribution applies to charities that execute their own independent campaign along with all associated marketing costs.

Grappleworks carries all the risk and is responsible for product design, tooling, inventory, distribution, marketing and promotional assets. Our objective is to ensure that there is no financial outlay for inventory or distribution costs.

My organization is interested, could we participate or learn more?

If you represent a North American or International non-profit and are interested in our campaign model we would like to hear from you. You can learn more on our Charity Partner page or visit www.grappleworks.com to learn more on what moves us to do what we do.