It’s not that complicated. We designed a really great screwdriver and decided to brand it with the trademark Screw Cancer. Screwdrivers - an everyday tool found in every household around the world and Cancer, an everyday disease touching the lives of everyone!

The screwdriver, a tool used by everyone, no matter their gender or ethnicity. Translated in any language a tool that everyone owns, an essential tool in every home. The Screw Cancer E1 Multi 8 screwdriver is the first in a series of precision crafted screwdrivers engineered with a purpose by Grappleworks. A cause innovation company that not only wants to design great products – but to make a difference at the same time.

Product design is my passion, but with an overwhelming introduction of new products entering the market every year I wanted to do product design and marketing differently. Cancer took my mom in 2007, she would have been proud of this product and its purpose”
Simon Fallows, Grappleworks Ltd co-founder and President.

A tool with a purpose 

“Cancer has touched so many of us including my baby girl –
now almost 22 and graduating with her first degree. What a great gift,
and her very own screwdriver, which I know she’ll use.”
Bonnie P.

I will no longer buy flowers for people afflicted with cancer,
I will buy them this – a lasting reminder that people are
behind them in their fight to screw cancer.”
Lisa C.

I purchased 10 and gave them out to those that have been affected by Cancer.
Re-ordered another 20 after realizing how many people we know that have
been through or felt the impact of Cancer.
A great product supporting a great cause.”
Marie V.

Don’t forget the caregivers.
The tireless men and women, doctors and nurses on the front line.
Where would I be without their support and encouragement?
Jillian M.

The goal in the creative design process was to produce a screwdriver that was a desirable, aesthetically pleasing object with uncompromising quality and performance. Something that could be presented as a luxury gift, perfect for cancer survivors, friends, family and caregivers. A gift that could be passed down for generations” Joesph Hofer, Hofer Studio, award winning industrial designer

Purchase the E1 Multi 8 Screw Cancer Screw Driver and choose the cancer cause charity you wish to support.

Let’s work together to Screw Cancer, because every bit counts!