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Give the tool that gives back.
July 31st to August 4th
Visit Touch of Modern @ www.touchofmodern.com to purchase
your Screw Cancer Screwdriver for 40% off the MSRP price.
10% from the sale of every Screw Cancer screwdriver sold during this 5-Day campaign will be donated to the Movember Foundation, a registered charity, changing the Face of Men’s Health.


Screw Cancer™
E1 Multi 8 Screwdriver

Imagine a smile on your friend or family member's face when they receive a gift that supports a cause they care about.
The E1 Multi 8 screwdriver was designed and engineered to perform precision tasks or routine chores with ease.
Designed for maintaining the modern home, enjoy the quality time spent fixing and caring for things.
8 tips included (Phillips #1/2, Roberston #1/2, Allen 4mm/5mm, Flat 4mm/5.5mm), and are stored under the magnetic end cap.
Give it a home in the kitchen, and be ready to save the day at a moment's notice.

Screw Cancer™
E1 Multi 8 Screwdriver

$59 MSRP
8-in-1 Multi-Bit Screwdriver
Premium Gift Box Packaging
Limited Lifetime Guarantee

40% Discount off MSRP expires August 4th
10% from the sale of every Screw Cancer screwdriver sold will be paid to the Movember Foundation, a registered charity.
“I'm giving them to my employees. Everyone has lost someone to cancer I'm sure.” — Mike B.
“I lost my Dad to cancer, my Mum is a cancer survivor. I have two younger brothers who are each getting one as a gift.” — Scott D.
“My father has his last round (out of 33) of radiation. I'm giving this to him as a special gift.” — Kelly E.

Let's fight cancer, together.

Get to know those affected by cancer, and watch their stories below

Mandy George Jenn

Watch the full Screw Cancer™ video below

Screw Cancer, give hope.

Stories of those like Mandy, George, and Jenn are what compel us to design great products that support greater causes.

Duration: 2:30min
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